Question 9 tripled pawns?

Jun 26, 2009, 3:55 PM |

I have a few questions.

This is the same game as question 7 but now i am not so sure. tripled pawns is limiting and hard to pretect as far as i no. I'm up developementally and a pawn materially so i am up. But after my opponent played bg4 plus i played nf3.

Since i cant castle already was that wise. I no a bishop is worth more endgame which is why i played nf3. i was hoping for a tradeoff. but then my pawns will be a big clump.  So i was wondering what wsa better 3 pawns tripled up or 2 pawns side by side.

I figured 2 side by side since they can protect each other.


Thanks everyone whos been answering my question they've helped me.