Chicago Class-Section D, where the D stands for DANGER

Jul 23, 2012, 6:35 PM |

This past weekend I was able to play some decent chess and tie for 1st place in the D section at the Chicago Class with a score of 4.5/5.

If you just want to see an interesting endgame head to the bottom and look at the last game!

All of my games featured some sort of dangerous positon. At times I times I dealt a dangerous blow but I found myself under fire too.

Let's take a look at Round 1:

Round 2 wasn't a great game for me, but my opponent didn't play well either. After some mistakes my opponent evntually overlooked an attack on his knight, defending a loose pawn instead. 

This was the first (and most likely last) time I have played the Saemisch KID over the board, and I messed up the moves a bit.

In Round 3 I made the mistake of allowing my opponent some extra kingside space, he tried attacking but I managed to gain a pawn and eventually go into a position where I learned that an endgame with rooks is different than a rook engame.

Definately not the prettiest game.

Round 4 featured a rather odd opening, but I played logically and eventually had a strong center position. I created some weaknesses and my opponent even made a few improper sacrifices that secured me the win.

Round 5 was a very interesting game, with minor errors on both sides the micro advantages kept shifting. After the game, dozens of spectators scolded my opponent for "missing a win". It was a drawn position regardless due to a line suggested by Tournament Director Jeff Wiewel as we were walking out of the playing hall. The line was later verified by a master and some chess engines as a draw.

Let's take a look at the "championship match"

It is safe to say that both Terrence and I were played much stronger than our ratings. He actually hadn't played a USCF Rated tournament in 12 years, and he admitted that his rating was also quite low. 

It was a very fun and well-run tournament and I congratualte everyone who participated for coming out and showing what they got!


P.S. For anyone who was wondering my new USCF rating is 1541!