Anti-Blunder Training: Day 1

Oct 12, 2011, 11:19 AM |

As promised, I'm back with my chess adventures... but it's more of a misadventure this time around.

I lost! I lost on my first anti-blunder training game. And it's not surprising at all. I played against the UNLEASHED Deep Shredder 11 engine on a rated game. I threw in the towel. 15 moves into the game and after spending 45 minutes, I threw in the towel.

This is kind of unexpected for me since I won against toned down versions of Fritz 12 before and not just once or twice. Anyway, no point in crying about it. Here's the game:

I blundered... and I need to find out EXACTLY why. And this is what I will analyze - the variations of the game, my thought process, and how I felt, tomorrow.