For the fun of it. :)

Apr 20, 2015, 2:07 PM |

Ever desire to get to the other side? Almost made it. Move 13. ValHalla, Shangra La, my stairway to heaven. How can I get my king past his posted night? Ok, a side step but that f~pawn will undoubtedly be a problem. Oh, he was just another overcome by and with greed as surely as can be seen he is unable to resist a white queen. I could have stopped the bishop from ruining my ivory tower but he would have never allowed me to get the rook up there let alone the king on top. lol This is actually very difficult to achieve. I came this close only one other time in blitz. This was a 3 minute game.


So thanks to's game editor, here is what it might look like. If only I could convince my opponent to try the same thing.


Hallelujah, my Taj Mahal is complete!!