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Sep 14, 2010, 11:37 AM 0

Time for a new APPROACH !!       Game after Game,p. ( bet it's k4 or q4) then - Here we go, kn. to b.3 & b. to b.4 or kn. to b. again. Yea. Real thinking here! But those are tried and true good moves for black. Keeps him in the game,so to speak. Of course and i agree, "but" ....comes a time you have to install your own chess philosophy.  It's your game. YOU who wins or looses, and replays it over and over. For we love this game. Each day, each game, we look forward to w/ joyish anticipation and wonder. WHY not stamp that w/ our new approach ??    CONFIDENCE! THE CHESS GODS LOVE US !!

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