Congratulations to my students - what a weekend!

Congratulations to my students - what a weekend!

NM eltenedor
Oct 16, 2015, 9:02 AM |

Congratulations to my students for their big successes last weekend!

Abraham Payton played in his first tournament since he was 12 years old, scoring an impressive 5 out of 7 in the under 1700 section of the 2015 Washington Chess Congress and walking away with a generous prize -- an added bonus for his hard work! What an awesome re-entry into the tournament scene! Now, as an adult with a renewed commitment to the game, a sharp eye for tactics, and formidable opening prep, let's see how far he will go.

Bill Garate, who also teaches chess, had a winning streak in the Millionaire Chess Tournament and for much of the event was among the leaders...vying for a 30K prize! He ended up with a solid 4/7 in the U1600 section, coming very close to winning big, and I'm confident that he will soon! His dedication in preparing for this tourney was truly impressive, and his strength has improved tremendously over these past few months. I hope to see that great effort continue!

Sam Schenk, one of the top-ranked youth in Virginia (not to mention the country), continues his rapid rise, scoring 4 points out of 7 in the highly competitive expert section (U2100) of the Washington Chess Congress. Of all seven rounds, he ceded only one loss! His determination and passion for the game is inspiring. Watch out for Sam!

Nick Brown had a fantastic debut -- his first ever US Chess Federation rated tournament -- notching 4 wins out of 7 in the U1300 section of the same tournament and establishing his provisional rating. Nick's commitment to chess is steadfast. With just a little more experience, he'll be dominating the tournament scene. (Note: Nick has only been playing chess seriously for 9 months!) I look forward to seeing his next move!

Update: My student Shishir Narala had a HUGE weekend; he won Ashburn Scholastic outright on 10/17 with 4 out of 4 (!), then, just a day later, went on to tie for first at Dulles Scholastic K-5! He's on fire! He gained 100 points this weekend, and with the superb chess that Shishir is playing, the sky is the limit.

As you can imagine, I am very proud of my students. Whether their goals are to more deeply enjoy this wonderful game or to one day become a Grandmaster, it brings me great joy to see them achieve their goals, all the while reaping the myriad benefits that the game provides. The benefits that they derive proves to me that what I am doing with teaching chess is worthwhile. I look forward to seeing my students achieve even more success and personal growth in the future!

In the more immediate future, I hope to post some helpful analysis of some of their games soon, ideally with a blend of their analysis and my own. Keep a lookout!