Jun 24, 2009, 8:08 PM |

One day I'd like to meet you on the other side of the world, in a dirty street of India while your trying to bargain a local into selling you a meal for a few dollars less.

I want to look at you with your red foreign dirt smeared across your face and your grubby hair and without even hearing your voice, just know by your simple presence, by your simple seducing stance that once captured my attention that's now before me, 10 years on.. 4 lovers .. 3 broken bones and a car accident too, and I want to look at you and simply smile and know that with a simple brush of your now so masculine shoulder that when you turn around, you'll not even see me just physically, but you'll see and feel every moment we'd ever created and embraced together as the naive minds we were.

This isn't for anyone special at all. It could be for you. It takes a good first impression to like someone, a memorable moment to fall for someone but yet a lifetime to ever forget them.

Will you remember me when I tap you on your shoulder 10 years from now on that dirty street in India? I promise I won't remind you of the time you said you never wanted to travel the world but become a priest.