Cheesy and the Gang: A Meeting of Minds

Cheesy and the Gang: A Meeting of Minds

Sep 8, 2012, 2:29 AM |



Confusing one


Lea- the presiding overseer


Number One


Puppy- is staring at me asking for milk

Kitty- is looking at Puppy asking for milk

Talay- is looking at the son of the king envying his sword


Lea: Okie I already told you guys that this meeting is about meeting of the minds. Those who does not have any, the door is open wide and please help yourself out of it.

Nosy: O wow.. I guess I can stay can’t I president? I mean.. my mother told me that I have beautiful mind. Yes and that I am a special one

Number One: You are? No wonder mother’s are the greatest liars. What they would do for their children, amazing.

Cheesy: I guess I can stay as well Lea, can’t I?

Talay: And so do I. I am smart, and nobody have to tell that to me because I know that for myself.

Lea: So our topic for discussion for today is the purpose of living. Anybody object?

Cheesy: Fine with me. You are the presiding overseer. Fire away.

Lea: So what do you think is the purpose of living?

Nosy: How about we talk about hm... my favorite color instead president? Why would I care about them purpose of living thing. Boring. Let’s discuss my favorite color already.

Lea: You become the presiding overseer first and got to tell the agenda, but while I am it, I do have the call what we got to talk about okay?

Nosy: Ow boy do you mean that? I mean me getting to be a presiding overseer? Yahoo!

Lea: You are not listening! I mean, why am I explaining to you Nosy. Okay anybody got a guess you got that heart pumping blood to the rest of your body parts?

Nosy: I know I know, hey I got no other body part president. I am all.. this and nothing more.. I feel bad not having any other body part already. Waaaa...

Cheesy: I know the answer to that. The heart pump blood to the rest of the body because you can not expect the kidney, nor the lungs, nor the liver to do those things. I know I am correct. Hand me the prize for them proper answer already.

Number One: I guess I go for Cheesy’s answer. Yes.

Lea: What kind of minds does the two of you have? Okay, I change my question. Why do you think the two of you existed?

Number One: The reason why I exist is not even my choice. I just found out recently that you should blame my parents for that. Not me.  I got nothing to do with it.

Cheesy: And so do I!

Nosy: Me too! Ow boy this is a unanimous decision president.

Lea: Out! You kidding me? Since when did the three of you agree on anything! Out you half twit!

Nosy: Hey simply because we didn’t give you the answer you want you should drive us away president. That is mean. You are very mean.

Lea: Not only did you not give me the answer I want, you refuse to give me a proper one. And am I suffuse to be happy about that?

Cheesy: Okay okay, cheez, you should be mindful of your blood pressure. We exist for a purpose. Simple. God.

Number One: Yeah okie if you want a proper answer, we exist because we have a purpose in life. Yes. I mean, if an inventor created that flying machine hovering in space to do something, like spy on other countries for example, what more of the most important creation in the universe. The brain can fire information at a rate faster than the super computer.. And when it was designed.. of course it must be for a greater good.. Yes?

Lea: Hm..

Number One: And also Lea, I don’t think anyone should be the center of the universe. I mean, we are not the only important person see.. We play a role into what seems to be chaotic now.. But a role that is written even in the most primitive of hearts.. They say we invented god to tell us what is right and what is wrong, nevertheless, for a person to identify what is wrong and what is right he should have a baseline correct? And so I think it’s the other way around, God invented us, so that’s why we can not put him in a box and scrutinize his existence. We don’t have that capacity.. And simply because we can’t believe he exist therefore he is not around.. Much like black holes, and atoms, the effect of which is evident but they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Lea: Hm..

Talay: If you ask my mother she’d tell you what the purpose of life is. To eat and to live now for tomorrow we will die. Yes. Everybody dies anyway, so enjoy your life while you exist. But I wonder though why we go to the doctor if dying is a natural process.. Aren’t we fighting something that is suffused to happen? If we are suffuse to die then why invent medicine? Maybe we are not suffuse to die tomorrow? Because I know I cry when my grandfather died because I feel sad..

Lea: Okay this has become a nice meeting indeed.. Let’s discuss that further next time okay?

Puppy: *7reeworiewrh2344

Kitty: Puppy says he thinks milk is the best medicine.

Puppy: 234308454k

Kitty: Puppy says where’s his milk already.

Puppy: Sddrue1243 9038434

Kitty: Puppy says whatever the purpose of life is, he got to have his milk.