Nosy: Laws and Cars Don't Mix

Aug 22, 2012, 3:18 AM |

Note: Thoughts on things.. And not related to chess at all. I guess I just like to write them non-chess topics. Hehehe=)

Lea: So how have you been Nosy?

Nosy: Fine I guess president. I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Lea: Ow and what about?

Nosy: Well for one I am thinking why there are laws in existence. I mean, people have free will. Can’t you just let them decide for themselves what to do with their life. As long as it makes them happy. Then nothing is wrong with that really is there?

Lea: Have you been on a highway Nosy?

Nosy: What’s that highways president?

Lea: It’s a place where vehicles can be found running for their life. Hahaha. Yes I guess that’s it. My thought is that, high way means ways that are high (there must be low ways as well) and this place can be jam-packed with vehicles every now and then.

Nosy: Okay. So?

Lea: Well, there are three colors that the system use to give signals to vehicles to maintain order see. In the Philippines they are hm.. Green, Yellow and Red. Here’s the meaning of the signals. Green means go, Yellow means slow down, and Red means stop (fully). However, to some people it means, Green means go, Yellow means go faster because it’s closer to Red now, and Red means proceed with caution. Hahaha. See Nosy, what happens if people decide for themselves what each color would “mean” for them? What do you get?

Nosy: A color blind person?

Lea: No! I mean the meaning. You’ll get....

Nosy: What do I get?

Lea: An accident. That’s what you get. So law exist because ...

Nosy: Tell me what exactly. Why must you ask?

Lea: Law exist to protect people from accidents that might kill them or those that they love. See.

Nosy: And what’s that got to do with them cars?

Lea: How about everything? I thought I’d just explained myself.

Nosy: Ow ow. And I was only thinking about them laws, now I must worry about cars. Ow boy. I won’t ask you again president.