Turkey Shoot 2017

Turkey Shoot 2017

Nov 20, 2017, 11:27 PM |

Over this past weekend (November 18-19), I played in the 5-round Turkey Shoot chess tournament in San Antonio. While certainly disorganized at times (the rounds on Saturday were delayed by an hour) and unusual (the tournament was played inside a building that was part of a hospital complex), it ended up being a rather fun tournament with what I thought were some exciting games.

Round 1:

Round 1 of the tournament started out at a time control of G60 + 5s while the rest were G90 + 30s. This game was likely my easiest of the entire tournament as I felt I easily gained the initiative after a suspect opening by my opponent.

Round 2:
Back to the easier to manage G90 + 30s time control, I played what I thought was a rather solid game with black. While the opening was definitely not the best, I felt that there was still no clear, real way for white to take advantage and the game ended in a draw.
Round 3:
After what felt like a long day and a long drive back home in the future, I played quite a bit of "hope chess" against a lower rated opponent trying to end quickly. It ended up taking 58 moves...


Round 4:

Round 4 was probably my most entertaining and most interesting game with there being dynamic possibilities for both sides at some point. 

Round 5
In the final round, I was paired against a national master and simply put, I got crushed right out of the opening after an offbeat opening by my opponent.