Learn From Bobby Fischer??

Jan 31, 2008, 8:51 PM |

This is a review of the book "Learn from Bobby Fischer's Greatest Games" by Eric Schiller.

I've heard many many lousy reviews of Eric Schiller's books and after reading and playing through about a third of this book I can completely understand where those reviews were coming from. First of all, there are numerous blatant historical errors scattered throughout the book. For example, Schiller seems to think that Max Euwe was only a challenger for the world champion and never actually won the thing! The annotations are reasonable if you're totally new to the game (the book was written for beginners, unlike something like "my 60 memorable games" which is much more advanced), but in his annotations he constantly gets the colours mixed up! Sometimes Fischer is playing white...and then suddenly he switches to black, all in the same game! After getting a third of the way through I'm throwing this book in the regretful pile and picking up something a little more coherant. Don't get me wrong...Fischer's games are great, but I'll have a look at them when I get a book that doesn't give me a headache just following who is playing what colour!


So basically, this book sucks. Go get yourself a copy of "my 60 memorable games" and enjoy some quality writing. For now I will be switching to my copy of Karpov's "how to play the english opening" and praying his editor wasn't as drunk as Schiller's.