London U1800 Championship Round 2

Mar 26, 2009, 7:24 PM |

In this round I played a 1200-something guy, I had black. I played like complete garbage the entire game and had a losing position at the end, but he blundered several times in a row and I was able to win rather easily after that.

The tournament has been extended to 13 weeks so all you wonderful readers will get two more weeks of my fantastic games and self-depricating (yet accurate) play appraisals.

Speaking of self depricating, I REALLY need to work on my strategy and planning. I've been working almost 100% on my tactics since I've returned from my time away from chess, and they're OK now. My planning and strategic decision making on the other hand has completely gone to crap, so I need to work on that ASAP. I'm going to start going over master games everyday now along with my tactics. I might even revisit some game books I've already read. I might even re-read the amateur's mind just to get my head back on straight.

There is a tournament here in London this saturday, 4 60 minute games played over the course of an afternoon. I've played in a few of these before and always faired well. I think I'll play in this one, I could use the practice.

Anyway, here's my game.