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I'm going to appreciate constructive criticism, you see something I do not see-write it ina feedback so you help me also to be improved both in chess and my thoughts behinda game of chess.
Mvh estalo73

For me, chess is a four-piece play, opening, possisjonering, createkeep the pace through the middle-party and shut down.
The opening: my goal is to get the rokert before the ninth move.


1. e4e52. Nf3Nc63. Bb5a64. Ba4Nf65. Nc3Bb46. a3Bxc37. dxc3O-O8. O-O
f-j #,. @
That is why it is so important to get the set easy-offisererene at the place they don't have to be pushed to move again right away.
Do not start using the chick before some of the easy-the officers can easily fit on it (so that you don't have to "flukte" move after move).
Force double-farmers at the opponent, important to get both the B-pawn and the G-pawn out of the game. This makes it much more difficult to step in to make the switch.
To replace like for like is as a rule, for your convenience. There will be "betterspaceon the Board to make a good attack. Even if it is like for like then it's a little different when there is responding to have Bishop versus Knight. My "rule" goes that if there are a lot of pieces on the Board so is Knight the best plus chess from itcannot be blocked. But if there is an endgame with relatively few pieces so there is a clear benefit of running.
The goal for the first seven moves are to get the best possible control of the foursquares in the middle. The better you get assured you two/three of these routes asan attack is much easier to insert-like with two fronts.

No matter how you choose to do the "main assault" as it is often necessary with a "leather-attack" to get your opponent to open his defense. Do you play white, then it is attacks on the C7 for long castling and F7 for short castling. To the mainattack, for examplebe based on the F7 then it is a good idea to get put out some of the farmers on the other side (A, B, and C, the farmer) to not go into a trap by being tricked by a strong counter-attack. Feel free to also frame the opposing party by force a double pawn or two.
Values of the pieces:
Jumping/running is worth 2.25 farmers, a tower has value as 2 easy-officers plus a farmer.The Queen is worth the 2 towers plus a farmer. There is a need to think about is that it is not possible to math with an easy-officer and the King, but a King and a pawn is usually easy to enter to switch the the ergo matt in store. It is also required a part if one is going to math with a rook and King. I have only found four possible ways to achieve the matt on. I will be very happy if someone can teach me more ways/possisjoner.
So how is my experience-when playing against a supposed better opponentbecomes the target and "disarm" the opponent so that the attacks are weaker and more easily and defend against. Be the one who takes the Queen, if possible, andespecially if it stands by the side of the King (the ability to destroy a castle, the possibilities can mean to make the pace of the match). Always remember to turninward, with it then, I mean, for exampleare you going to turn off the run on theF3-strange enough so that it responds more often in a long playoff. You get tosave E farmer that you can use to and increase the pressure on <