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What is the best defense?

What is the best defense?

Feb 2, 2015, 3:27 PM 0

What do you do?



White's turn, but what pays off? Turn off the Knight on C3? Move the pawn D3-4?
Turn one of the Knight so get the black double-pawn on C-row, turn, he of the bishopwith the D-pawn then he opened for both the Queen and the bishop on C8. He usesthe pawn on B7, so he gives also room for the bishop to B7 and covering all of the diagonal. The downside for him is that the pawn on E5 is uncovered-and a Knight onE5 is a good starting point for attack if black takes the short castling. Let us go any moves back and choose to turn off the Knight on C6 and black beats the bishop with the pawn on the DHave you decided which solution you think is best? The question is whether to playpassively or aggressively. Don't you know your opponent or you know he is a lotbetter than you, then it may be a good idea to play passively. But it's much moreexciting to play aggressively. :-)

Now we'll see how the post will be after the next moves. And who has the upper hand, why? It could have been a better solution?

Black stand with double-pawn, and white d up. the next move for white will be in charge of the Knight, but choice. Bishopon F8 to D6 is better for one can switch easily-officer against easy-officer. But blackust either forget short castling and use the pawn on F7 to the F6 to get the Knightaway. (Like I said, a very strong field at the short castling.) he task difficult. He can go with the Queen from D8 to D6, a bad lack will probablymake thas a Knight on E5, but it has not covere

Maybe a good solution.....

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