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Blitz against the "Qwiener"

Blitz against the "Qwiener"

May 26, 2010, 12:29 PM 1

I'm sure you have run into them.  The Qwieners.  Expecially if you have played blitz online and worked your way through the 600 -> 1400ish range.

They move one pawn in the opening and then right out with the queen, looking for a cheap tactic or fools mate.  I had never encountered this kind of play before playing online and it shocked me, and I lost quite a few games to reacting poorly to these terrible openings.   I've learned however to chill out and just develop pieces with tempo against the queen.  And before long I've got my whole army deployed and they are still jet-setting with only the queen, or the queen and a piece or two. 

If you encounter these Qwieners just stay calm and work out how to crush them.  It's not that tough to do with a little practice.

If you are one of the Qwieners, please learn some positional openings, because I'd really like to have a real game with you sometime!


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