FelixTony Robbed in Championship Tournament!

FelixTony Robbed in Championship Tournament!

Nov 4, 2016, 11:17 PM |

In a brilliant performance, the legendary chess champion, FelixTony was denied his championship due to politics and cheating.  With a tournament record of 6 wins and 1 loss (the same exact score of the two winners), Felix came in 3rd place.  

Respectable player, Jassper, beat Felix in the first match of the tournament in a legitimate match.  Jassper would go on to tie for first place with Valiant_Aro.  Valiant, however, did not live up to his name.  After being absolutely destroyed by the Felix, in a dog-fight of a chess match, he went into a rage.

"You're cheating, dude." 

"You play better than your rating. You must be cheating."

"Nice engine."

It is without question that the Felix has NEVER cheated and doesn't even know how.  It is a fact that Felix has close to 15,000 matches here on chess.com and sometimes plays exceptionally.  

Upon further review, post-match test results came back positive for Valiant_Aro!  He tested positive for steroids.  It was clear by his profile picture and his "roid rage" following his loss.  

To top off the night of controversy, Valiant_Aro tied for 1st place with Jassper.  Felix was visibly upset by this based on his convincing victory over Valiant.  But, he remained calm and accepted the decision by chess officials.  

It was a sad night for one of chess's legendary champions and a sad night for the world of chess.