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FelixTony Wins Championship Again!

FelixTony Wins Championship Again!

Oct 26, 2015, 2:40 PM 1

The Legendary chess champion, Felixtony, has returned in impressive fashion today when he won the 1/0 Lightning Championship.  This was a change for the Great Felix because he usually plays the 3/0 Blitz Division and has claimed much adoration there.  But, to show his diversity and adaptability, he was a late entrant into today's championship tournament.  With only 1 minute to go before registration, Felix signed up and went to work.  

After getting off to a quick 2-0 start, he lost in a close match to eventual 7th ranked player, ZenWebb.  But, after that, it was all Felix as he scored 2 decisive checkmates to win the championship and further secure his place in chess history (as if it had to be secured any more).  

Felix says he enjoyed destroying fools in this division and plans on defending his title there for a while.  

"Felix is exploring his opportunities and 1/0 might be a nice place to add championship belts for a while. But hey...you never know what the Felix has in store."

We can only watch and marvel.

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