The Legendary Felixtony enters the blitz 3000 club

Dec 9, 2011, 9:55 PM |

On December 10, 2011, The Legendary Felixtony won his 3000th blitz match.  It has taken him nearly 3 years to reach this milestone. In a career that started with 10 consecutive losses, Felixtony has turned the tables and established himself as one of the greatest blitz players of all time.  

In an interview immediately after his match against Myarmy16, the jubilant winner had this to say, "I destroy fools!"

 Myarmy16, a winner of over 1900 matches himself, put up a valliant effort against his foe, but succumbed on the 43rd move.  He chose to resign because he knew the next move would be a checkmate.  Despite the loss, he was awarded the "Heart of a Lion" trophy for his bravery and the game received the prestigious "Shakespeare" trophy for the many great moves displayed by both players. 

A computer analysis is currently in progress of this landmark game and results will be posted when it is complete.  

In an earlier interview, the Legendary Felixtony said that he looks at chess as if it were a jiu-jitsu contest or a boxing match.  He proved this point by exclaiming KO! or TKO! after many of his victories.  This match he described as a "come from behind TKO."

Felixtony said his plan was to continue on in the world of  "There are more pussycats that need taming and cockroaches that need squashing."  His fans will have to wait and see what landmark he tries to reach next.  But, for now, Felixtony owns a piece of history.  And "Felixtony thanks you!"


*Update. Computer analysis complete. 


Myarmy16 vs. felixtony

Score: 0-1 Date: 12/9/2011
Time: 5|0
Opening:  A21: English Opening: King's English Variation, Reversed Sicilian

Inaccuracies: 3 = 7.5% of moves
Mistakes: 11 = 27.5% of moves
Blunders: 6 = 15.0% of moves