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"i have cross-country skiied...

Nov 27, 2016, 11:10 AM 0

into some mighty fine ideas, as well" (fiddletim). our contingent headed out in search of snow lower than that we could see at 9500 ft/2900 m. we could have gone up there but it would have been problematic for the 4 year old in our party enough though it's he is starting his 3 rd season of skiing.  so, it was a 3 hour drive through an increasingly arid landscape in search of lower snow to the micro-climate found in West Yellowstone Montana, USA. with enough snow...barely and highly unusual "barely"...we enjoyed the day. back at the lodge after eats and a tune session, i headed for the computer room and for a very pleasant surprise.  Paul ,the nite clerk, noticed my chess activity on my screen. he, it turns out is quite the chess historian. i was blessed with a late into the nite crash course in chess history. of course, since coming unto this site, i have seen names of chess personalities, chess strategies, opening names, chess history; and do retain some of it.   like how i learned without any formal training to play a few instruments, i mostly, up to now, have just played the game.  Paul the nite clerk grudgingly has refused to learn algebraic notation. he  will play OTB with a number of worldwide visitors that come to this very unique place. he looks for and studies chess books that use the older notation. neither of us had a board with so we didn't have a game but my mind is buzzing rich chess ideas and images. i am so very grateful for the encounter.   i am also learning "computer" on the fly, so i will get to putting up different photos that document this journey. fare thee well to all you chessmates

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