The Royalty are Separated!

Jul 12, 2009, 11:32 PM |

Occasionally, the enemy king will be stuck in the center, unable to castle, while the enemy queen is busy making empty threats.  When this occurs, you must be able to capitalize on the weaknesses.

Game 1:

In this correspondence game, I play as white and make an exchange sacrifice (rook for bishop: -5 +3) to keep the enemy queen out of the way and attack the undefended queenside.

Game 2:
In this blitz game,I play as black and several small inaccuracies led to an invaded queenside and lost game.
So, in conclusion, when your opponent's queenside is unprotected and the king has not yet castled, attack as soon as you can!  The initiative alone will almost always win you a piece or two.  Attack swiftly and good luck!