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almost christmas

Dec 23, 2008, 5:34 PM 0

well its almost christmas again. i have been going non stop for about a week and a half now helping my friend and her mom to get ready for the holidays.i have been to wal-mart about oh ill say a thousand times trying to find parking, dealing with the idiots. but have met some nice people at the store,what do you know. usually i meet people at the bar,clubs,or library sometime. butt i really dont care for the holidays. always someone tripping on everything and getting stressed out.but i am looking forward to partying with some friends,maybe meet some new friends.looking forward to the new year cause this last one has been hell.especially when my friend got sick.so i think i might try to go to Seattle Center to the Space Needle or at least a club downtown.maybe go to alki beach.watch the fireworks over the city.any way another year come and gone.i hope this year will be better than the last.well happy holidays to everyone ,be careful. DeWayne

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