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another rainy day in seattle

Dec 22, 2008, 6:21 PM 0

another rainy day in seattle
so its not actually raining,but feels that way alot lately.i know its not as bad as it could be by far not as bad.but feelings seem to find thier way into my life and sometime distract me from whats really happening at the time.well i know life for me is pretty good.i have only a few things that i could complain about,or be sad about. but i keep my head up the best i can like mpst people do.but i have been feeling torn between some people im my life and decisions that i am making. i know i should do what makes me happy and true to my self. but i dont ever want to hurt anyone as i dont want to be hurt. so i think this is also being true to my self by not wanting to hurt anyone.although i am confused alot,i seem to figure things out and make fair decisions in what i do.dont get me wrong i do have major major fuck ups on my decision making abilities resume. but i have to live with them every day. so i am always hardest on my self . i grieve alot but within so that i do not effect any one elses life around me. but i  think it does any way.as it is with most people. even though we dont try,it does come out somehow. any way i have been having a pretty good time lately.playing darts with friends is one of my favorite things to do.and have been having a blast. very nice people who i hang with and share fun evenings.also the prize money isnt bad either.Cloud 9 in kent is a great place to go.although people have thier prefrences,some people hate it with a passion,but i am cool with just about any place.any way things are always looking up.i guess IT CANT RAIN ALL THE TIME.   =)

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