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dealing with life

Dec 21, 2008, 9:41 PM 1

recently me and my friend found out she had cancer. it was really bad when we found out. im  glad i was there for her when she found out.since then i have been trying to be there and help as much as possible. im not sure how things are going to turn out ,but i have hope and faith and will never loose it.i have trouble dealing with it sometime,as does her little daughter. i try to be the best and strongest person i can for her daughters sake also.i try to find the right words to say and the right things to do to make her feel comfoted as much as possible. dont know really what to do.she lost her gpa also in a simular way.so she is very scared and is trying to keep her feelings hidden.i pray she will be more open and feel safe as possible,and know thats her mother has a good chance of beating this.her mother is a great woman.i feel so sorry and sad for her.but she stays strong.i know it is very very hard for her to go through this, un imagenable for me to know what she is going through. worrying about her daughter,mother,bills,and herself last.i dont know how any body else that has gone through this dealt with it. but im trying my best and i know i will get through it but i pray her and her family will.and i hope her little daughter who i love with all my heart will not be scarred to bad by what she has to endure. i know that life leaves marks on us all,and ussually defines who we are. but i keep good thoughts and good energy in my life. i pray for the best. if anyone out there reads this and has input on this situation or has gone through this,please feel free to comment.

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