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Dec 29, 2008, 2:09 AM 0

well another year at christmas is gone. i am not one for the holidays,but i always try to have a good time.my mother was very happy to be with family.i am glad she had a good time.i ate alot and opened presents.and enjoyed watching my friends kid open hers,well i am glad it is all over.now only a couple days til the new year rings in. well it should be fun.i enjoy going down town seattle to watch the fireworksand get tipsy and have a good time.the clubs and bars are always soooooo packed though.easy to meet new ladies but way crouded.any way i think this year i might take my friends daughter to watch the fireworks at the space needle if she wants to go.she will enjoy it. she will be 14 on the 29 of dec. yeah i know right christmas and birthday so close you can just hear the money flying from the bank account. any way if she dont want to go then i guess i will party down and hae fun. any way HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE best wishes from me to you. dewayne

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