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lifes ok

Jan 24, 2009, 11:17 AM 2

hey whats up everyone. well its the new year, i have no resolutions. i hhave no job right now,but will soon hopefully.and my friend with cancer ive been taking care of is doing much better.  Smile  im so glad for her,but the bad thing is her mom had a slight heart attack the other day wich was really scary for all of us.but she is doing alot better now. so life is full of ups and downs.always have to take the good with the bad.at least its not raining today. i might try to get out and enjoy the sunshine.so i hope everyones year is good.hopefully i can post some new pics soon,after i get back from downtown. they have some cool stuff here  in seattle. there is a really cool troll under the bridge in fremont area.hopefully can post it next time i go out that way. ok peace.

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