Attention Travelers to New York City

If you are planning on visiting New York City to attend a chess tournament or any other reason you should be aware of what is happening in New York City. As you may know, homelessness is a big problem in NYC but the politicians have refused to do anything about it such as building inexpensive or subsidized housing of some sort. This has produced  shameful and inhumane conditions that have been ongoing for some time. A small percentage of these homeless people are mentally disturbed and do terrible things. Below is an example of what may happen to innocent people traveling to New York City as a result of the neglect of our local politicians.



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    that is so sad

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    The distance between the train and the man was very short, as we see from the photo and it would have taken a few seconds for witnesses to see what was going on. Having experience in riding those trains I can attest that by the time people realized what was going on, it they would not have had time to pull the man up. The photographer is being blamed but he was too far away to do anything. He was flashing his camera to attract the attention of the motorman. When a picture is taken with flash, the aperture automatically resets to a small size creating a good depth of field making a sharp picture. The blame is on the politicians of New York State who had promised to create housing for homeless people, especially those that were released from state hospitals, and do nothing. 

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    They are blaming the pedestrians for not helping. They were only 100 ft away 22seconds before this happened. Nobody ran to pull the guy up.

    Sad.  Same thing in the Bay Area.

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