Free Spirits-- Don't enslave your imagination to society's narrow vision!

Oct 8, 2012, 3:05 AM |

 Are you a "free spirit," someone not associated with any church or spiritual organization?  We believe that we are all children of the universe and our own feelings and beliefs are what matters not what some priest, minister or rabbi tells us to believe. No one has ever been able to prove that any philosophy, theology, cosmology, world view or belief system--whether it be religious or scientific--is any better, truer or more correct than any other. And so you should feel free to pick and choose whatever you want to believe in, whatever gives you comfort. Give your ideas and imagination the fullest expression possible. Imagination is the fifth dimension and it is imagination that gives us the ability to overcome the circumstances in our lives. Imagination is all there is. Our perception of the world is actually through our imagination. "The Kingdom of Heaven lies within." There are those who seek God but fail to find him just as there are those who look for the forest but cannot find it because the trees keep getting in the way.  

I have been reading that scientists have now found the "God Particle." According to them there is a very intricate structure to the universe called "The Standard Model" which shows that the universe is made up of atoms which in turn are made up of subatomic particles of which the "God Particle" is one. This theory becomes quite complex. When something reaches a certain level of complexity it is logical to think that this must have been built by someone. Sort of like when we find a watch in the street. Now lets say this is a fine Swiss watch with a beautiful gold case. When we open the case we find a mechanism with a very complex arrangement of gears, levers and springs. Now we ask the questions, "Who made this watch? How and why did it get here?" We can take apart the watch, make drawings and diagrams of its innermost parts and figure out exactly how it works. But doing so still does not answer our questions. The answer is not within the watch--it is within  ourselves!