Complacency earns defeat

Jan 26, 2010, 9:43 PM |

Being a member to a team or teams, is quite very rewarding in terms of games to be played in different tournaments. Either few or many participants, but I find it very exciting to be in....lest I could exercise what I have learned for quite sometime in this game of CHESS.  And through it, I did also learn my lessons that never under estimate your opponent cause looks can be devisive....hehehehe.....thanks to did a good job in bringing me to reality that even if I played my heads out ....still your too good for me. 

But anyway, thanks for the friendships I have accepted through time I will always cherished it.

I will never get tired of logging-in into this website can be addicted the very first time you play your so many tournaments and endeavours, and to what you can achieve.

Lest I forget, I thank also to all moderators and tournament directors and that they may keep on making challenging games format to all.

God bless us all.......till then....MABUHAY.