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960 A tactical Benoni

960 A tactical Benoni

Aug 26, 2015, 4:38 PM 0

The lichess.org implementation of live 960 is still ahead of the chess.com implementation, at least in terms of adoption and finding an opponent. Issuing a seek with the same parameters on both servers has resulted in 22 games played at lichess, and one at chess.com. At lichess.org, I'm 20-1-1, so I'm quite enjoying it there — with no features limited by money.

The biggest bug in chess.com v.3 is design (the UI and UX bugs will surely surface gradually). Why would a chess publisher design a blog aggregator with rectangular header images (and foist that shitty design on its users)? If I don't want the same old boring avatar picture to appear 10 times on my chess.com blog, I have to include my own graphic, and what better graphic for teasing a chess article than a diagram? But in order to fit a 240x240px diagram in this stupid 240x480px space, I have to pad the image with 240 pixels of wasted whitespace.


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