Happy birthday, Emil Schallopp, master who let his tournament writings futz his results

Aug 1, 2016, 11:08 AM |

Emil Schallopp (August 1, 1843-April 9, 1919) was a chess master and author. His most prestigious book was about the 1886 world championship match won by Steinitz against Zukertort.

Schallopp never won an important international event because the chowderhead spent his energy writing the tournament books. Like other nitwit August Firster chess journalists who cared less about their tournament results than their writings, Schallopp liked gambits — the idea is that if your chances at first prize are limited by your composition, then play interesting shit to write about.

At Leipzig 1877, Schallopp finished 7th — the medals went to Paulsen, Anderssen, and Zukertort — I reckon Schallopp's favorite game in the tournament book was this one: