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Players rated 2144 are so terrible

Players rated 2144 are so terrible

May 20, 2015, 2:25 AM 0
One of the frequent objections to gambit play is "my opponents don't make the dumb mistakes that enable sufficient compensation". Hogwash, I always say, my opponents make those dumb mistakes, and we're playing against the same people.
Players rated under 2200 are so bad at the game. Just last night, for instance, my online opponent — rated higher than I — hung his queen but didn't resign. A few moves later, I hung my queen, and the game ended in a draw.
Crawling on the freeway today, I had the thought to find some of my games from 22 years ago to illustrate how poorly 2140-rated experts play. Here's one of my games from 1993 on chessgames dot com.

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