2 day tourney: equal 2nd

Jul 6, 2012, 12:57 AM |

For a fairly average performance (won 7 lower-rateds, won 1 higher-rated, drew 1 lower-rated, lost 2 much-higher-rateds), sharing second place with four other people was a pleasant surprise. I took home for the first time some sort of ornamental chess set (which I probably won't use much).

In the last round, I was versing someone rated 860 JCL (I'm 830 JCL) as black. He played the Sokolsky (his speciality), I played the Qd6 + e5 system, and he quickly deviated from my DB with 3.b5 instead of a3. He then managed to stop me from castling at the expense of his Bb2 (which I don't think was such a good decision). I then also stopped him from castling. I offered two draws which were refused.









So I managed 8.5/11, which was good enough for second place.