A depressing loss

Jul 5, 2012, 12:00 AM |

I seem to have a problem that goes like this:

Plays against a higher rated player and gets into a equallish/better position

I make a move, opponent takes quite some time to think (i.e. between 2-8 minutes given that the time control is 20-30 minutes for each player).

Opponent replies, I make (an obvious) blunder now or within the next few moves.

An example (ratings are in JCL. Moves 1-12 are in approximate order):

Next time, I think I should:

1) Sit on my hands or similar when in a critical position and really take some time to think it through

2) Walk around/think about the position/get fresh air when opponent is thinking for some time (and not sit there thinking about random stuff)

3) Play my very best and try not to be overwhelmed by the opponent's rating.

Any other suggestions?