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Bill Clinton appears to have trouble finding his thoughts, insiders say. Former President Bill Clinton's weak, wasted and shaky condition while trying to give a speech has triggered fears he's being ravaged by brain-savaging Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases - and is facing his cruel, agonizing end! Audience members were horrified as the withered and trembling former commander in chief was barely able to mumble though a tribute to civil rights pastor Rev. Amos Brown in San Francisco last month. " Bill's getting worse, " says a political insider. " He almost couldn't find his thoughts and finish the speech. " His behavior lately has been downright shocking and scary. " Bill's memory lapses and the embarrassing moment he fell asleep during wife Hillary's acceptance speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention forced party officials to steer him away from her campaign! A Clinton confidante tells GLOBE the ex-prez " is suffering from Parkinson's and the early stages of Alzheimer's. " His recent bungling of his speech at the tribute is extra alarming because " Bill used to be able to riff during his speeches, " notes the confidante. " Now he is forced to stick exactly to the scripts provided to him on a teleprompter. " Fears over Bill's decaying mental condition have increased over time. His former aide Kathleen Willey, 71, who claimed he sexually assaulted her in 1993 during his first term in the White House, first exposed his heartbreaking condition in 2015! Watching his sad performance during an interview with NBC New's Cynthia McFadden, Willey exclaimed: " He's showing the early signs of dementia! " He's not the old Bill Clinton that we all remember. He was all over the place. " Dr. Stuart Fischer, a New York internist who has not treated the politician, says his crisis " cannot be reversed - only delayed. " Insiders now admit the Clinton kin are recognizing that Bill may be beyond help. " The truth is that Bill has lost it, " says a longtime family friend. " There are days whren he's still the president and gives his aides orders to place calls to leaders around the world - then he completely forgets doing that. " Other days, he can't remember ever being president! "

Three years ago, Bil candidly admitted he had a " condition " related to aging, but insiste he'd been cleared from an Alzheimer's diagnosis. " I have a condition that sometimes you get with aging, " he admitted. " My hand has a little tremor when I'm tired and a lot of people do when they're older. " One of Bill's closest aides sadly notes: " He is constantly leaving his wallet, his briefcase, even his shoes, in unusual places. " He once said to me, ' Lot's of times I can't even remember last week! ' " It's horrible to watch a man who was so bright and vital reduced to a terribly confused and pathetic person. " 


Camilla Parker Bowles Charles' wife has 8 month to live without transplant surgery. Just as her lifelong dream of becoming queen is on the verge of being realized, Prince Charles' scheming wife, Camilla, has been given a death sentence by her doctors - her liver is riddled by cancer and she has only eight month to live! " This is the ultimate irony, " says a palace insider. " Camilla's done despicable things all her life in her quest to be queen. " She betrayed her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, with Charles and, as the prince's mistress, destroyed his marriage to Diana to get her out of the way. " She's trashed Prince William and his wife, Kate, her rival for the crown, by telling nasty lies. " Now, after Queen Elizabeth rejected William and Kate as her immediate heirs and named Charles and Camilla her successors, the Duchess of Cornwall has learned she's at death's door. " Amazingly, dying 91-year-old Elizabeth may outlive her gin-swilling daughter-in-law! Although Elizabeth isn't praying for Camilla's death, Her Majesty " is privately delighted ' that witch ' will never sit on the throne, " says the insider. Charles' second wife got her shattering diagnosis during an annual medical checkup on Sept. 29, royal sources say. She'd complained about abdominal pain, weakness, nausea and wight loss, a courtier tells GLOBE. " Camilla thought the changes in her complexion - a yellowish cast - were due to age, " the courtier says. " She just applied more makeup. But doctors said Camilla has jaundice - and her liver is so far gone she has to stop drinking immediately. " For alcoholic Camilla, 70, that could be harder than beating cancer! But an even bigger jolt came when she realized her slim hope at survival hinges on a $577,000 liver transplant - if a donor can be found. Desperate Camilla has begged Charles, 68, to pull strings to jump her to the top of a donated organs list, sources say. But, incredibly, Charles is refusing! " He's telling her the monarchy couldn't survive the backlash of ' stealing ' a liver from a dying commoner, " a source close to Charles says. " But, in truth, he'll be glad to be rid of her. He has come to hate her. " Now Camilla is considering going to India for a " cheap and quick " $40,000 transplant, which she can afford out of her own money. But even if she lives, her marriage is doomed, the courtier says. " Charles would have divorced her years ago, except for her threats to expose embarrassing familhy secrets that potentially could destry the monarchy, " says royal expert. " Many belive Charles would have arranged for Camilla to have a fatal accident - life Dianna - except he knows she's kept a diary to be released in the event of her sukspicious death. " As GLOBE reported, Charles is ffacing trial before a secret military tribunal for murdering Diana in a staged 1997 Paris tunnel crash. But now Charles is consolidating power as the Queen's offical heir and attemping to dismiss the tribunal and the murder charges. " With Camilla's cancer diagnosis, he is gruesomely upbeat, " says th insider. " Not only will he be king, he'll be rid of Camilla and quash the investigation into Diana's death. " 


Pop superstar Lionel Richie isn't dancing on the celining when it comes to his teenage daughter's hot and heavy romance with hollywood bad boy Scott Disick! Sources tell GLOBE the 68-year-old All Night Long sensation has begged daughter Sofia, 19, to call it off with 34-year-old Disick.

But his pleas have fallen on the deaf ears of the fashion model, who's graced Tommy Hilfiger ads and Docle & Gabbana runways- and was recently snapped canooding with Disick in Miami! " Poor Lionel just spent his summer working his butt off on tour. He needs a break but instead he's got his to deal with, " sayse a source. " He's trying to stay calm and let Sofia make her own decisions, but deep down he's sick to his stomach imagining the kind of depravity that Scott's luring his little girl into. " Don't forget, he almost lost Sofia's sister, Nicole, to drugs, so of course his mind immediately goes to worst case scenarios. " 

Disick, the three-time baby daddy of reality wench Kourtney Kardashian, has a long history of womanizing, hard partying and general bad behavior - and Richie thinks he's a terrible influence on his child. " He's tried everything to get Sofia to see reason, but she won't listen, " adds the spy. " Disick is every right - minded father's worst nightmare: A hard - partying douchebag who disrespcts women and gets a sick pleasure playing his twisted mind games. " 

Now the distraught dad is at his wit's end over the changes he's seen in Sofia, says the mole. "  But with Scott in the mix, she's started being really shady and avoiding Lionel as much as she can, " adds the source. " She even rented an apartment in New York without telling him. He feels like his daughter is slipping away and he's blaming it all on Scott. "


Former White House Prss Secretary Sean Spicer is a liar and a sneak! That's the conclusion of tip experts who analyzed " Spicey's " recent interviews on Good Morning America and with late - night host Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy nailed Spicer by airing a clip with a reporter asking if the mouthpiece's intention was " to asways tell the truth " and never " knowingly say something that is not factual. " " Sean answered, ' It is, ' but he shuffled and showed an expression of uncertainty, " body language exper Susan Constantine tells GLOBE. Spicer tripped up again when Jimmy asked if he could " disagree " with facts. " He looked up searching for an answer, " Susan points out. On the GMA interview, Spicer claimed President Donld Trump was " very supportive, " and thought he " did a great job " in a comedy bit on the Emmy Awards show. But according to Susan, the booted politico was smirking and had an ezpression of " contemp " on his face! 

Glenn Longacre of L.A.'s Cato Solutions used a vosice stress analysis algorithm to dissect Spicer's commnets. Asked on GMA why he didn't set the record straight about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Spicer showed " signs of supremacy and arrogance, " says Glenn. Spicer did tell the truth on GMA when asked if Trump ever adked him to lie. " He said no, and shook his head no. This was his first truke statememt, " Susan says. Despite that, insiders predict Spicer won't stay loyal. " Eventually, Sean will sell out Trump, " says a source. " He'll turn traitor, and spill everything he knows about what went on during his time as press secretary! " 


Supremes diva Diana Ross was sent to a psycho ward during a secret battle with mental illness - and pals fear her upcoming Las Vegas gig could send her trumbling back into the abyss. The fragile 73 - year - old pop icon has signed on for a grueling performance shcedule that kicks off in Las Vegas' glitzy Wynn resort on Oct. 11. " She's got nine shows to perform in October and she still hasn't recovered from the relentless pace of her previous two years of work, which left her feeling drained, " and insider spills. " Her family thinks it's too mch too soon and that she should take it easy. Performing on stage, night atrer night - and the punishing rehaearsals in between - could push her over the edge both physically and psychologically. " She was sectioned off in a mental ward once before, and many in Diana's close circle of friends are worried it could happen agian. " 

Diana's daughters Rhonda, 46, and Tracee, 44, want her to enjoy the remainder of her ykears at her lush Connecticut home. " Vegas has too many temptaions and theyk are concerned, given thier mom's past problems with booze and pills, " says the source. Diana's mental health crisis, after yyears of agony battling the blues, is still etched in the minds of her loved ones. In late 2001, the troubled diva checked into a unit for patients with psychiatric problems at L.A.'s Century City Hospital. Heartbroken ove the end of her 14 - year marriage to her second hubby, Norwegian billionaire Arne Naess Jr., in 1999, " Diana was on the verge of a mental breakdown, " recalls a source. " She was a basket case when she checked in. She was distraught, crying and barely able to walk. She was trembling. " Her lawyer confirmed she spent a couple of days at the hospital. A few months later, after her children intervened, Diana checked into Promises rehab in Malibu, Calif., in May 2002. " Her drinking got out of control and she developed a dependency on prescription painkillers, " the source says. " She was drinking wine during the day and night. She was prescribed painkillers for an old injury, but she soon became hooked on them too. " Month later, she was busted for DUI in Tucson, Ariz., on Dec. 30, while underegoing substance abuse treatment there. Sadly, she still agonizes over Arne, who she called the love of her life. He died at age 66 in a freak mountaineering accident in South Africa in 2004. " Diana is still haunted by his tragic death and misses him every day, " says the insider. " Now she really is looking forward to getting back on the Vegas stage. But many are secretly hoping she doesn't fall back to her self - destructive ways to cope with the frenetic pace. "