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Mar 30, 2012, 4:54 PM |

The murder trial began in Glasgow yesterday of a man accused of killing a well known gangster in a shoot out in a supermarket car park in Glasgow in January 2010 -

The trial had to be deserted today, when an issue arose with one of the jurors -

Now, i've no interest in the accused or the victim, i really have no idea who they are. But, i have had previous (negative) dealings with a corrupt copper who i believe is going to be implicated in this case.

My whole family were beaten up and sprayed with CS by the police after a family night out 9 years ago to the week. All we were doing was waiting for a taxi home. While i was being held down on the road by 4 other cops, PC Derek McLeod jumped on my back. Much of the incident was caught on their own on-board camera from a traffic car, and while the incidence of him jumping on me happened out of shot, one of the witnesses can be seen to be clearly visibly disturbed at what she saw.

After a trial spanning some 15 months, we were all cleared of any wrong-doing, after all 4 of the cops were caught lying in court. The Sheriff stopped short of calling them liars, only just, but was seething at their evidence. The Area Procurator Fiscal refused to prosecute them, saying that there was “insufficient evidence” and that it “wasn’t in the public interest”. Another of the bent coppers (Scott Malone) was later booted out of the force for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in an interview room at Livingston cop shop. He wasn’t prosecuted for that either. I vowed then that I would write a book about it, and have finally decided that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I started work on that a few weeks ago, under the current working title “CS, Lies & Videotape”.

McLeod was nicked at his home in July 2010, for breaching the Official Secrets Act. When other cops turned up at his door, they also found large amounts of cannabis at his home -

It is my understanding that he was sentenced to 3 years, after passing on information from the police national computer to those who killed this guy. Unfortunately, we were unable to sit in the front row of the public gallery to watch him go down, the court was a closed session and was also the subject of reporting restrictions, meaning the media could not report on the case. Glasgow newspaper ‘The Digger’ were also prosecuted for breaching that court restriction, but that too could not be reported. Perhaps after this case has been disposed of by the Glasgow High Court, we might learn of what happened in McLeod’s case. But then, perhaps not. It is also my understanding that McLeod has implicated someone else who I dare not mention, someone whose name will be known to almost everyone in Scotland over the age of 30. McLeod won’t even be safe behind bars, put it that way.

His sentence will just about be up now, he’ll only serve half the term, and they’ll take off the time he spent on remand.