Justice for the 96…

Apr 26, 2016, 6:01 AM |

27 years is a lifetime to wait for justice, but today, the longest serving jury in British legal history finally declared the 96 who died at the Hillsborough disaster were unlawfully killed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36138337

For 27 years, South Yorkshire Police have lied, changed statements, blamed the fans for being drunk, almost anything they could do to protect themselves. None of the officers involved were ever prosecuted, none were even disciplined. I sincerely hope at least this will change.

This was an FA Cup Semi-Final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, but in truth, this could have happened to any set of fans. Times were different then, fans stood in terraces to watch football, it wasn’t uncommon to travel without match tickets in the hope of acquiring one there. There was an element of hooliganism that attached itself to travelling football fans. Fans were also held in by high perimeter fences. But police let far too many into the ground, causing a crush within the fan areas. Those watching BBC1 on that day will never forget the scenes of fans spilling out on to the pitch, despite the high perimeter fences,  being lifted up to the top tier by other fans. Other fans frantically attempt to save their own from the crush, attract the attention of authorities.

Unfortunately, the authorities called for police dogs before they called for ambulances, they then tried to besmirch the reputations of those who died, checking for criminal records then blaming them for being drunk, which it has to be made clear, they weren’t drunk. The Sun newspaper even printed the drivel fed to them by police, Kelvin MacKenzie made statements in the paper such as "Some Fans Picked Pockets of Victims", "Some Fans Urinated on the Brave Cops" and "Some Fans Beat Up PC Giving Kiss of Life" leading to furious exchanges. To this day, 27 years later, the Sun hardly sells anything at all in the City of Liverpool. Today those statements can finally be expunged from the record.

David Duckenfield, match day Commander and then Chief Superintendent of South Yorkshire Police, went on to become Chief Constable, would you believe, of Merseyside Police. He has since admittied that on the day he “froze”. Sadly, I don’t believe he will ever be prosecuted for his role in 96 deaths…


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