MOT failure!

May 23, 2011, 6:43 PM |

My car failed it's test today, err, yesterday.

I've known for a few weeks now that a drop-link needed replaced, the rattle returning just weeks after the one on the other side had been repaired. There's also a fair chance a ball joint would need replacing too, i had already put plans in place for these to be repaired.

Tester says to me "you have no dipped beam in your headlights." Remembering the first time i put the car lights on after buying it last year, and the bother i had figuring out how they worked, i went over to the car to demonstrate.

"those are your fog lights" he said. Pointing out the grilled vents on the lower end of the bumper, i explained that this car didn't have fog lights. I told him these cars are prone to electrical problems, and suggested that the control stalk was probably set up wrong. He went to the driver's door and went through the sequence of lighting from the stalk. Sidelights, pause, full beam, fog lights. He asked if i saw the outer lamps come on at any point. He pointed out that the fog lamps were in the main headlamp cluster.

Then it dawned on me, i'd been driving around for 11 months, including an overnight drive to Dover, with no headlights!

I'd been using the front fog lights as headlights the whole time, no-one ever flashed me or anything like that.

The dipped headlights hadn't worked the whole time, and it was only MOTed the week before i bought it. At the same MOT station!