The chess enthusiast: A whole new opening repertoire

Jun 8, 2012, 7:35 PM |

Okay, I have reached a point in my chess career whereby I need to re-evaluate my progress in chess.

I have concluded the following pointers:

1) My current chess opening repertoire is not 'stable' enough, by which I mean to say that I have too many 'gambit' lines which (after many years of playing) I have grown weary of. I need more stability and structure in my openings if I want to improve.

2) I have started working now as a doctor, and with a wedding just around the corner Smile its difficult to find the time to play chess, so I need a repertoire which is 'low maintance'

3) My middle game and endgame play probably isn't much better then it was 1 year ago.

Hence, I have decided that I need a complete overhaul of my current opening repertoire. I need to choose openings which are more sound which do not require heavy memorisation of various sub-variations.

I have come out with the following plan

1) I shall return back to 1.d4 with the London system forming the backbone of my opening repertoire as White. (I shall hope to incoperate other minor 1.minor d4 attacks as my repertoire grows)

2. For Black, I shall choose the Tarrasch defence against 1.d4 and the French Defence against 1.e4.

With this change I hope to 'create' more time to study middle/endgame theory and get better at my chess. =)

Wish me luck Guys.

God bless. =)