Playing Ray Robson 4

Nov 21, 2010, 7:00 AM |

Today's the day. 

The event organizer, Bob, emailed photos of the work party held yesterday to set-up the room - tables, chairs, 30 boards with pieces, an ancient set display, plus a place for GM Robson to rest while he walks miles around the interior perimeter of the tables.  Bob later emailed again that he received several requests through Facebook for more event details and that the library staff had received a larger than usual number of calls about an event.  

Perhaps Sarasota is a dormant chess hot bed.  Or maybe the large snowbird community, that seemed to have arrived a bit early this year, sees this as free entertainment.  I'll know shortly.

Bob's probably worrying about whether he should have arranged for crowd control.  But I would't worry.  Sarasota crowds are fairly sedate, with the exception of when jostling for parking places, and Andres Cantor won't be there to rile them up.   I'm arriving early anyway so a parking spot should be easy.