E6 Sicilian

Game 2 Sicilian here is my game


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    The normal/book way to gain an advantage is 4. exd5 exd5 5. Nc3 (as played long ago by Frank Marshall or against him...I don't remembe which).


    With 4. Nbd2 it transposes to a Tarrasch French Defense.


    After 6...exd5 it's a very interesting ending, with a lot of middle-game-like characteristics. Some would call it a queenless middlegame.


    White's c2 & f2 are a bit weak and Black's pawn d5 is also. So, it may appear White wants Rd1 & Re1 for offense, but the weak f2 means O-O, Rfe1-e2 and Ra1-d1 is more likely. White might also try eliminating the threat to f2 with Re1, Be3 to chase away Bc5.


    After 9...Nbc6 it's clear White has a small problem with ...Nb4 and the game move O-O-O leaves f2 en prise.


    13...Bxf2 -/+


    19...Be3+ to get ...Rd8-d2 could become very difficult for White.


    Using one piece to serve a function isn't enough. To be better you need this piece to help that one and this tactic to help that positional play and that positional play to enable that tactic and for several pieces to focus on something to achieve a goal. It's about teamwork !


    22. a3 and Black's advantage is small. White has bishop v. knight and Black's queen-side pawns are on light squares (which the B might attack). Black needs to begin advancing his king-side pawns and keep Rd6 to keep White's king on the queen-side.


    Big usually beats small, so Black's 'big' is the extra king-side pawn and using Rd6 to keep White's Kc1 on that side of the board ensures White's king-side force stays 'small'-ish.


    22...Re5 is awkward. 22...Rd6 defending a6 is better.


    25...Kf8 to 29...Nxc6 was terrific stuff ! Really excellent !

  • 2 years ago


    Game 2 of the 90/30 championship is coming in less then 2 weeks

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