Issues with V3 of

Sep 27, 2017, 2:47 AM |

Is it just me or V3 (pronounced as version 3) has undersirable issues compared to the older version V2 (pronounced as version 2)?   I agree V3 has also some nice features like the timestamp for each move you make in Live Chess. But other than that I cannot find any difference except feeling bloated and sluggish compared to V2.  Timestamp is important especially if you have lag issues or you're complaining of being flagged.  I always quickly scan the movelist after the game to check which moves took me a lot of time.  But V3 is comparable to other sluggish chess sites which I have tried,  I won't mention the sites here but you can message me if you want to know those sluggish sites which is similar to's V3.

Following are the issues I noticed with V3:

i. sluggish experience, like my mouse doesn't quickly obey me but take some milliseconds to follow my order, even dragging a piece takes time because my mouse cursor is already at the 8th rank but my B or Q is still left at 2nd rank and moving in a sloooooww-mooootion mode while my mouse cursor is already happily waiting at the destination square at 8th rank. This is important for blitz and lightning players.

ii. Some articles, and news  here at doesn't display properly in my browser but the same news and articles were perfectly rendered if I switched to older V2.

iii. V3 loads the whole site longer compared to V2 with a page refresh, except when the page was already cached by the browser.  If page was already cached then load time is negligible and almost the same with older version.

If you know where I can address this issues, then you can probably post it here as a reply so I can forward this irritating disadvantages of V3.  Thank you in advance.