Games from chess club 2012-11-03

Nov 3, 2012, 6:33 PM |

tl;dr: 2 victories (one not deserved), 2 defeats because I was not careful and deviated from chess principles.

Since I have a lot of homework this week, I'm not going to add commentary to these games, just post them as is, but I'm going to write down a couple general comments:

  1. Stick with the principles! In game 3, you'll see me move the same piece twice in the opening for no good reason and I'll pay a steep price for it.
  2. Try to really see what the position is going to be after you make a move.  In game 1, I hung a knight because I failed to notice that my move would block the knights defender.
  3. When you have two pieces on the same rank separated by a single square, beware of pawn forks!  In game 2, this cost me a piece.
  4. When you see an imbalance around which you want to base a plan, make sure the plan can be executed.  In game 2, I saw a weak square (c6) and I wanted to bring a knight there, but my execution was incorrect and this is what eventually allowed my opponent to fork me.

As with last week, I'm on the bottom of the boards in all the games (I'm black, white, black, white).