Searching a 1900+ chess coach

Oct 29, 2010, 1:59 PM |


I am looking out for a 1900+ rated player that can raise my rating from the current 1301, to 1900! I am willing to pay for coaching, 8$ for every 100 ELO points. Of course, the salary will get higher once we get above the 1600s.

I have played for about three weeks seriously, I learn quick, and I devote a lot of time to chess. I just need advises on how to study, practice, and some tips on openings and so on, + at least four 15 minutes games per week.

Total work will be two hours every week. 

So, yeah, I know that there's a section for chess coaches on this website, but I recall seeing titled players there, they are propably too pricy for me. 

That's pretty much it! Leave a post if you want the coaching thing. The salary will be paid trough PayPal everytime I reach a new 100 ELO points on! :)

Thanks in advance