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Nov 13, 2017, 8:43 PM 0

Happy Veterans Day, Today November 11. Day we live and remember our victories over games friendship and life we live and remember our pride honor and dignity in life rules and decisions challenging our tomorrow present and future for days come interesting easy safe and happy. We live and remember our brothers and friends who give life for better future and safe world for better place and carry this Day for next year of memories where we do not make mistake again, we not fall in depressions we not die and starve from hunger we would not loose our freedom. We fallow our guideline law and fraternities we listen our advises we hear our voices we make true and kind and honest actions. Thank you and have a happy veterans day. One this day I want to tell about my first plays in chess what have me boost my games in ranks and turn my games more experienced and mature chess present till this day playing online with friends and making my profile for them recognize and accept one of many point of views and intelligence because synthesis chess travel in games and commentaries while we accept peoples genetic abilities kind and emotional presents in game. One of my first games in chess was very weak and many games where lose, but watching hockey sports, one day have me inspired how one hockey player drove one on one with opponents goalkeeper and shot... . This moment have make my plays in chess different, because my next or other move, in chess shot and axes opponent piece disadvantage their side. Chess is very interesting view sport in life our world and all should have good time. Gary Sorkin

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