Team matches management success factors

Team matches management success factors

May 20, 2015, 6:22 PM |

 Team matches management success factors – answer and join in

Here I would like to stress importance of two factors for the development, cooperation, success and harmony in the team management activities.

1. Team communication and

2. Participation and team contribution


1. Communication - Keep in mind that team matches management is indeed a great effort and sometimes a small inconvenience when administrators to need to call people through private messages asking them to engage in a particular match. Search who is active and who could be involved in the match, write and send messages as well as monitoring the registration process is not easy. So it would be fair and useful, that team members when they receive an call in the form of private messages to join in one match as a last team remedy if at the moment for any reason can not join and play a match, even answer like "at this moment I can not play this game." This information would be of a great help for team admins because they could focus on other available players.

 2. Participation and team contribution

 Together with the results and points that player achieve at the board, the team may even contribute more by player registration and participation in the match.

This contribution will be illustrated on one recent example:

What would Serbia team benefit with joining just one another player with a rating of 2030  in the composition of the team in match against team Canada on 221 boards? (Example taken from the discussion on the Team notes)

 That player would be positioned in team roster on the board No:22 which is a nice boost. But on the other hand Canada will be “reinforced” in a match with their 222nd registered player - first on waiting list, who had a rating of 1330. Serbia team will received a boost with a rating of new player of 2030 and Canada received a "boost" in the form of 1330 rating points from the player from the waiting list.

The additional effect from just that one extra player to Serbia team is also bonus fact that 200 players will be shifted on a team rosted for one board below. So on that way team literally receives cumulative 700 positive rating points difference...

Or just simplified to this example: Entering of only one such extra player on team brings not only its possible points for 2 playing games but also easier opponents for 200 of team players! When those 700 rating points difference split to 200 players - get a bonus rating of 3.5 points per each of those 200 team players.

Therefore, in this kind of uncertain matches the entry of any new players is very valuable for the whole team.