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First and possibly last WSCF tournament

First and possibly last WSCF tournament

Oct 12, 2014, 6:06 PM 1

Last Saturady I played in my first Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation Tournament and my overall thoughts of it were at best dismal. For thoughs who don't know what the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation or WSCf is, its a non profit organization that holds K-12 chess tournments every week in the Milwaukee area during Winter and Fall to raise money for school chess clubs and promote chess in genral. So when I initaily heard of this I though it was great because I would no longer have to travel over an hour to get to the closest chess tournament they were now at my front door. Unfortanatly this was a bit to good to be true as there were alot of hidden problems.  

  1. Firstly the short time control being only G30+5 barley gives enough time to scratch the surface of the game and to play a respectable chess game. Whenever I was in an important position that needed to be calculated I would have to cut it short in order to not run out of time. 
  2. Secondly it seemed that many of my oppenents did not care at all using only a few minutes on their clock for the entire game. I knew coming in that since its a scholastic tournament there were going to be some beginers playing but when in over half my games there was a constant barrage of Blunders allowing me to win all my games easily it gets boring.
  3. Thirdly during one of my games the Tournament Director and a couple other people were openly discussing my game! Sure the game was almost over but seriously come on.
  4. Finally some of the rules they had were just ridiculous. For example after the game you had to call over the TD to say who won because they did not trust the players to mark the results becasue they said in case there was an argument to who won. But isn't that why there is notation in case of a dissagrement to check what really happened, but wait notation was not required.
Honestly there is alot of Good about the WSCf I didn't mention but after this tournament I can't see myself going to many more of their tournaments unless some major changes happen. Please dont judge me too harshly I just wanted to get my thoughts on this out.

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