For all that live in Ohio

Nov 29, 2012, 4:51 PM |

A large sinkhole formed today near Dover, Ohio, about 60 miles south of Cleveland. Please look closely at the map. 

See the red area at approximately 1:00? Its pointing to an area just south of the sinkhole. It is my understanding that *IF* we started seeing sinkholes anywhere along this New Madrid *RED ZONE* that are 3 football fields in size or larger, it *COULD* signify a strong earthquake within the next few days. This current sinkhole is 4 football fields in size and growing. I don't want to cause any panic, there is NOTHING we can do except BE PREPARED. Make sure you know where your kids are, and that you all have a place to meet...charge all cells/laptops/etc...have some supplies and cash in case you are stuck for a few days. KNOW IF YOU ARE DOWNWIND OF A NUKE PLANT AND PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Next thing to watch for would be sulfer smells, nervous pets, a "dizzy" feeling from EMF discharges, flashes in the sky (earthquake lights) and rumbling/booming sounds. And of course, shaking. There was a large sinkhole event yesterday in LA as well, I will post below. Post any reports/observations/advice here, we will pin this to the top of the page... :/ STAY SAFE.