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The Soldiers Bride by RockStarVocalist

Sep 1, 2012, 4:03 PM 0

I read today about you my Love

They say that you are gone,

But I know it isn't true,


I feel in me,  that you are still alive,

That I should keep the faith, and  just wait for your return...

And then I think of all the Vows that we have said,

I can still hear..all the words that we have said...

The power of that love, is far away above, and can leas you Home...

Where you belong...


How many years

Have I cried for you..

I lied to hide my fears..

I began to loose my mind...

Why did you go?


Was there something for you?

That was worth losing you?

Tell me now, waht can I do?

And when I think of all the vows that we have said, The power of that love, is far away above...

And it can lead me Hiome...Where I belong.....

Music and lyrics by RockStarVocalist...

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