Beating a Master

Jan 5, 2012, 3:08 AM |

Managed a win as black against a titled player recently, so I thought I would commemorate it with a blog post.  I have no doubt that I would get completely slaughtered by Tiggermeister in an OTB game, but correspondence chess gave me a chance as I had several advantages:

1) I was using the game explorer, and followed through to a position that highly favored black despite giving up several pawns. He was probably just playing from his head.
2) As i only had 4 games, i was dedicating a lot of time to looking at various lines with the analysis board. Again, he was almost certainly making moves without using the analysis board.
3) I only made moves when my chess mind was working well.  Easy to measure that by using the tactics trainer.
4) He was playing over a hundred games, and actually made several mistakes in this game and even a blunder. That helped as well :)

So with that as my formula for success, here's the game.