Useful responses to "Any hot girl want to play chess with me?"

Mar 16, 2010, 11:48 AM |

This question flies by at least once a day when I'm in live chess. By the time I see it the fourth time in an hour, I'm about ready for some wise-guy (or, more appropriately, "wise gal") answers.

To that end, I offer the following, and invite you to contribute to the list. Just keep it suitable for younger and more sensitive viewers, please.

  • Sorry, but the minute they saw you, they all ran screaming from the room.
  • They said to tell you they’re busy, they have to wash their hair.
  • There was one here a minute ago, but she went to help her daddy clean the shotgun.
  • Yes, that one over there: the one with the full beard who’s six foot two.
  • She'll be right back, she's out walking Igor the rottweiler.
  • Hot girls? My mom's having a hot flash. Will she do?
  • I think they all went to a dating web site. (thanks, Sensei!)